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pico sim date date cheats

2010-03-08 07:22:43 by nazzamme

heres some date cheats for pico sim date in dating nene

What is my waist size.


I'm not completely sure by my zodiac sign is


Do you know my hip size


She has two brothers

Most of my clothes are from the design label Dremino

I soo want to see that horror

into the shadows

am I getting fat? how much do I weigh?

50 kg

I feel like enjoying some pie right now.

potato pie

My breasts are size 78

I am about 165 cm tall

My phone number is 204-783-4529

I just love the band instantious

I took an IQ test and it said I scored 133!

I am about 165 cm tall

I wouldn't mind listening to my favorate music style


My birthday is coming soon...

August 17

Sometimes after school, I work as a clerk at my dad's shop

I usually shop at 'M Bottlers'

With this information, you should be able to beat this game without much of a glitch. Feel free to leave a comment for the answers that I do not have.


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2011-06-17 02:05:11

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2011-09-01 03:21:27

Oh noes! you forgot her E-Mail!